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  • Stories that Inspire. #2

      Meet Yovana. Yovana is a part of our English school. In Guatemala, knowing a second language, especially English, can set you apart from the rest. In a time where jobs are scarce and families desperately need income, a good job is a precious thing to come by. Magdalena is very close to Antigua, a […]

  • Story from the Feeding Center

    From time to time we like to share stories of our students or in this case one of the kids in our feeding center. Meet Angela and hear a little about her story: My name is Angela Aracely Martinez Lobos. I’m a 10 year old girl and I’m in third grade in the local elementary […]

  • First Children’s Devotional of the Year

    This week, Love Guatemala was able to host a small devotional for some of the children from the feeding center. We are so blessed to have the multipurpose area available to us in this time because it allows us to have an outdoor area to be able to better follow Covid precautions.  It was so […]

  • Prayers for 2021

    As we jump into a new year, we are overjoyed at the idea of all the things God is going to do in 2021! With that being said, we want to be praying continuously for what is to come.  The classes this year will be different than we had hoped, but we are still praying […]

  • The Amazing Ways God Has Blessed Us During The Second Half Of 2020

    The second half of 2020 continued to show God’s blessings in exciting ways! It was a journey as we navigated through events and everyday things, but it was amazing to watch God’s plan for the year unfold.   In July, Love Guatemala was able to go on house visits to the regular kids who join […]

  • The Amazing Ways God Has Blessed Us During The First Half of 2020

    2020 has been quite a year! So many challenges have been thrown everyone’s way, but here we are in December getting close to a new year!  God has been good to us to stand with us through it all and we have loved seeing our students and teachers grow and prevail this year. It is […]

  • Hurricane Relief

    Recently, Hurricane Eta and Iota have devastated large parts of Central and South America. Many villages on the coast of Guatemala were completely submerged in water leaving families with nothing. It has been heartbreaking to see so many people losing everything. In an effort to help some of these families, Love Guatemala and Iglesia Nueva […]

  • Vacation Bible School

    As we move into our second week of Vacation Bible School in Love Guatemala we feel so blessed by all the kids that are able to participate. Close to 100 children are receiving classes these weeks from our teachers and they are all doing a great job. We knew it could be difficult having that […]

  • Gearing Up For Graduation

    We are getting so excited for graduation! This past week, the graduating students got together at Love Guatemala for their pre-graduation training seminar. Our goal is to not just have them prepared for the field that they have studied in, but also in life. This means that during their training seminars they are taught things […]

  • Exciting New Sponsorship Opportunity

    This month of October we are highlighting sponsorship! You may have heard that recently we made some changes to our sponsorship program. Up until last month, sponsorship has mostly been focused towards individual students and teachers. Now, we are so happy to announce, that when you are wanting to partner with Love Guatemala through sponsorship, […]