Hurricane Relief

Recently, Hurricane Eta and Iota have devastated large parts of Central and South America. Many villages on the coast of Guatemala were completely submerged in water leaving families with nothing.

It has been heartbreaking to see so many people losing everything. In an effort to help some of these families, Love Guatemala and Iglesia Nueva Vida have decided to work with a ministry on the coast called “El Faro”. Yesterday, Love Guatemala and church members spent the day packing things that they received as donations or bought with donations. This included:

330 hygiene kits for men and women
288 pairs of shoes for men, women, and children
8 boxes of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes
5 large bags of toys for the kids
1 large bag of food.

From there, the supplies will be sent to El Faro to be given to a village called Tenedores. Please keep Tenedores, as well as all the other villages in that area, in your prayers as rain is still coming in that area.

Just like with the volcano eruption in 2018, it has been incredible to see the people of Guatemala come together to help their neighbors who have been hurt by this disaster. We are continuing to pray for everyone during this time and we know that ultimately God is in control and will help everyone get through this very difficult time.

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