Story from the Feeding Center

From time to time we like to share stories of our students or in this case one of the kids in our feeding center. Meet Angela and hear a little about her story:

My name is Angela Aracely Martinez Lobos. I’m a 10 year old girl and I’m in third grade in the local elementary school. I live in Vista Hermosa near Love Guatemala. In my family, I have two siblings, my mom, and  my dad. I like to color books and play.

I have 6 dogs and one cat.

I have been part of the feeding center for several years and I like to be part of the group of children. When we are there, we eat and learn songs and Bible verses.

I thank God for the opportunity to have found Love Guatemala. It has been a great blessing for me. The bag of food that they give me twice a month helps us to have some food during the week.

Previously my father was a street vendor in the town, but the pandemic came to change our lives. My dad has no job and my Mom is dedicated to washing other people’s clothes to get by. I am very grateful to all the people who, even without knowing us, help us. God multiplies everything they send us.

I want to be very successful in what I do in life and I know that with the help of God and all the people who support me, I will achieve it. We are trusting that everything has a purpose in life and we have faith that God is going to take control of the virus.