The Amazing Ways God Has Blessed Us During The Second Half Of 2020

The second half of 2020 continued to show God’s blessings in exciting ways! It was a journey as we navigated through events and everyday things, but it was amazing to watch God’s plan for the year unfold.


In July, Love Guatemala was able to go on house visits to the regular kids who join us in the feeding center. It was a blessing to see them, pray with their families and help a bit throughout the pandemic. The plan for next year is to continue to visit the families twice a month!

August was exciting as we were able to finish the wall around the multipurpose area. It will be used as a classroom next year to follow safety precautions with the students!

In September, it was such a joy for us to host Love Guatemala’s first online business seminar. It helped so many students and people from the community learn techniques in business to help them succeed.

October was a busy month. We were able to start up our weekly staff prayer and devotional together. What a blessing to be able to come together once again! The staff also hosted a special Bible Day devotional online for the students where they dressed up as Bible characters. To finish off the month, the graduating students presented their final projects. They all did a wonderful job!

November was also a busy month. Love Guatemala was able to host their first ever VBS online. It went very well with the kids so excited to learn and participate! Another joyful event was graduation. This year’s graduation looked a little different than years past, but it did not take away from the wonderful accomplishment of the students! 

The difficult time in November came when Central and South America was hit badly by two hurricanes. Love Guatemala and New Life Church were able to work together to send donations to the people working so hard in the affected areas of Guatemala.

Now in December, as classes have ended for the year and we plan for next year, we are able to look back at the year we have had and be grateful. We are grateful for the people that continued to support us throughout this pandemic. We are grateful for our students and staff who continued on even through a difficult time. And we are grateful for all the ways that God helped us through!