Stories that Inspire. #2


Meet Yovana. Yovana is a part of our English school. In Guatemala, knowing a second language, especially English, can set you apart from the rest. In a time where jobs are scarce and families desperately need income, a good job is a precious thing to come by. Magdalena is very close to Antigua, a hot spot for tourists from all over the world to come and visit. There are many opportunities for work there, and that is especially true if you know English. Studying a second  language takes courage because it is such a challenging experience, but with perseverance, it can open up a whole new world.

Yovana decided to take advantage of the opportunity to learn English in Love Guatemala. She has many dreams for her future and one of them is to be able to use English not just to help in her own life, but also by assisting others through translating. She also wants English to be just the first step. From there, she hopes to continue on to learn more languages. It is a blessing for us to have students who have a hunger for knowledge and who are willing to work hard to better their lives and the lives of others.



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