Gearing Up For Graduation

We are getting so excited for graduation! This past week, the graduating students got together at Love Guatemala for their pre-graduation training seminar.

Our goal is to not just have them prepared for the field that they have studied in, but also in life. This means that during their training seminars they are taught things like leadership skills as well. We want our students to be ready for all that will come after graduation.

It has been a privilege to watch each of the students during their student career in Love Guatemala. A lot of them have gone from little knowledge and confidence, to being ready to take on new jobs and journeys as graduates. Even as the pandemic has changed the plans and ways of learning of the students, they have risen to the occasion to make their last year of learning in Love Guatemala a great one. The skill that we have seen is exceptional and we can’t wait to see what these students have in store for their futures!

Please join us in praying for our graduating students not just as graduation approaches, but for the months and years to come as they live out the dreams that they have worked so hard to achieve!