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Telma Lopez and the Art School

Our very first school was the art school. Leading this school since day one was Telma Lopez. She does an amazing job leading and loving these kids. We are grateful for her! Read a little more about here and the

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Business Training

  This year we have 30 seniors. They all belong to different schools of Love Guatemala. Primary School, English, Carpentry, Kitchen and Art school. It is a great blessing for us to have this graduating class promotion. We want them

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Vocational Training leads to New Jobs!

Our graduates finished up their internships a few weeks back. This a requirement they have to complete their training with us. They have to spend 160 hours of job training in their field. (Check out a few pics below) This

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Saying Goodbye

  For the past 2 months I have been the intern at Love Guatemala and I have leaned SOO MUCH from my time there. However, this time has come to an end. These past few months I have leaned so

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Leadership Training Graduation

We just graduated 51 students from our leadership training program! This was an important event for us and we are so proud of all of these leaders. We partner with Guatemala Prospera which is a John Maxwell Foundation partner. This year

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Carlos Lopez & His Visit to America!

As some of you may know, Carlos is traveling to the USA! Carlos will be going to America to visit friends, family, and churches. He is excited to share about his testimony, his new grandson, and Love Guatemala. This time,

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Business Training Presentations of 2017

Today we participated it the project presentations for business training that Carlos did this year with the graduates.  This was the last session for the year.  They have been learning different business techniques and ideas to improve their skills in

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2017 Graduation

The 2017 Graduation of Love Guatemala is coming up on October 19th and we are so thankful and excited for everyone who has helped these kids to be able to graduate and follow their dreams. There are 30 students graduating

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Love Guatemala Graduates Making an Impact!

We shared here about the graduates and that they were going to do internships as a part of the requirements for them to graduate.  Well last week they finished up their internships and they results were amazing! They represented Love

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Internship with Love Guatemala… Are you a young person looking to grown as a leader and follower of Jesus?  Do you want a life changing experience?  Do you have a heart for missions? Come and serve with us here at

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