Love Guatemala Graduates Making an Impact!

We shared here about the graduates and that they were going to do internships as a part of the requirements for them to graduate.  Well last week they finished up their internships and they results were amazing!

They represented Love Guatemala well and did a great job in their perspective areas of work.  Some of them were working in schools, some in carpentry shops, some in bakeries and other ministries.  It was awesome to see them putting to use what they had learned and learning more about their trades.  Some where even offered jobs to continue working where they did their internships.  Several asked if they could stay longer.

Over all it was a great success.  The graduates learned a lot and served well.  They represented Jesus and our ministry well.  We also learned quite a bit and were able to connect to other ministries and organizations that we may able to partner with do more things in the community.

We had a lot of great feedback from the places they served.

Thanks to each of you who make this possible by partnering with us in giving hope!

Enjoy a few photos below.


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