Business Training Presentations of 2017

Today we participated it the project presentations for business training that Carlos did this year with the graduates.  This was the last session for the year.  They have been learning different business techniques and ideas to improve their skills in the areas of marketing, selling and presenting their products.

The project presentation is when the students present their final project. It represents all that they have learned and the knowledge and abilities they have reached in their time in the business training.

The common project in this event was art, however there were some cakes and bracelets too. The paintings were on different kinds of canvases, including; rocks, different kinds of wood, bracelets, and even a roof tile. Here are a few of their projects:

Guitar cake done for final cooking class project


Guatemala’s national bird the Quetzal painted on a piece of wood


One of the cobble stone roads with the volcano Agua in the background painted on a piece of wood by Obed


Some pictures from the event


The teachers judged the projects and told them what areas they could improve and what areas they did well.


After the presentations, Carlos had a small lecture on business and marketing. This was an important part of the event because lack of this knowledge is one of the reasons Guatemala has so much poverty. So if we can teach students while they’re young how to manage money and how the market works, they can make a difference for the future.

We are so thankful for all your support. Without your help these kids wouldn’t be able to do this. These kids have better futures because of your support. You have given them hope and shown the love of God. This is important and it changes their lives.

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