Carlos Lopez & His Visit to America!

As some of you may know, Carlos is traveling to the USA!

Carlos will be going to America to visit friends, family, and churches. He is excited to share about his testimony, his new grandson, and Love Guatemala.

This time, Pastor Ben will be traveling with him. Carlos was a little relieved because he isn’t fluent in English yet so it will be nice for him to have some one who speaks English to help with translation.

Carlos has been to the states once, last year. He said it was an amazing experience. He loved to see a new culture, to experience new things, and to get a better perspective. His trip was very encouraging and he felt so loved. He realized that even though we all have our differences we still love and worship the same God and we’re all connected in Christ even though we’re many miles apart. He was also amazed by how a plane can take you from one place to another in a very short amount of time.

Not only was his trip helpful to him but it was also beneficial to both Love Guatemala and the people he shared with.

Eleven years ago Carlos was an alcoholic and had been for 10 years. But through Gods love and mercy he gave Carlos a chance and he was healed through God. He then started using his God-given talents and started teaching art with his beautiful wife. They have been teaching art for the past eleven years now and are a blessing and a wonderful example to everyone they meet. God makes good things come out of bad situations.

They will be leaving on November 22nd and returning December 13th.

Carlos is so excited to come travel to America once again and share his inspiring testimony and share the love of God with that big joyful smile of his. He is one of the most joyful people I know and he brings joy and smiles wherever he goes.

Carlos as a clown for kids day

The purpose of this trip is to visit and raise funds for Love Guatemala for 2018.  If you would like to have Carlos share at your church or small group, please let us know.  The cost of this trip is $2,500 for all travel expenses.  Would you be willing to help make it possible for Carlos to travel to the states?  If so you can give here. (Mark as Carlos’ Trip in Comments)  Or mail check to Love Guatemala at 401 E Michigan St., Indpls, IN 46204.

Thanks for your prayers and support!

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