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  • Finishing Up Classes

    Recently, our students finished out classes for the year! We are very proud of all of the students who persevered even when classes were difficult and challenging. As you may know, the school year in Guatemala is a little bit different than the school year in the United States. Classes here begin in January and […]

  • 1st Year English Exams

    This past week, our English students had a presentation exam. These exams are always an exciting thing to see. They show the work that the students have been putting in to their studies and how far they have come in the year they have been learning English. These specific students are from the first year […]

  • Presenting Primaria

    This month, we are highlighting our Primaria Class! This is the class that is equivalent to Elementary School in the States. It is the first of our adult education classes that we have started here at Love Guatemala. The class is very important to the people of Magdalena and the surrounding areas because there is […]

  • Construction Update!

    As you might have heard, we have been working on an expansion project here at Love Guatemala. A couple years ago the dome was completed so that we could have a large multipurpose area to host everything from large classes to events.  During this past year, the project has been growing more. The multipurpose area […]

  • Nancy’s Project

    Nancy’s Project

    Right now we have an exciting project going on. One of our graduated students was greatly in need of a house. Nancy and her son had been living in a small house shared with some of her family members. It was not just crowded, but a complicated family situation that made it difficult to raise […]

  • Rosa’s Story

    Something that we always feel so blessed by is working with the kids from the feeding center. It is such a privilege for us to be able to see them and be a part of their lives. Here is a story from one of our kids, sweet Rosa, that has been coming to the feeding […]

  • Leadership and Spiritual Growth

    We recently started a wonderful leadership training classes with material from John Maxwell. We are overjoyed to see how it affects the teachers  in their personal growth. With each new class and program, we know that the teachers are becoming better equipped to not only teach their students, but also be great leaders in their […]

  • From Primary to Middle School

    Something that we have loved about our Basicos program(or middle school) is that we now have a place for our students from our primary school to continue on to afterwards. Before having Basicos available to our students, we had to have the students look at other schools to continue on with their education. Now, offering […]

  • Antonio’s Story

    The feeding center has always been such a special program to us. It allows us to not only provide a meal for kids from the community, but also to get to know them and their families. One of our kids, whose name is Antonio, is 10 years old and has struggled with malnutrition. His family […]

  • Our English Graduates

      This year, we do not have as many English graduates as usual, but none the less we are very proud of them. We have two ladies who will be graduating this year and they have been working very hard to improve each day. When the students start out, they have a very limited knowledge […]