What’s Cookin?

The cooking school is always amazing because they create edible works of art! This year we have 16 cooking school students and they are all extremely talented! In the first year of the program the students learn baking, such as, breads and pastries. The second year focuses on decorating. Their creativity truly shows as they make treats almost too pretty to eat!

In the final year of the program, students have a few extra classes that teach how to sell, how to start projects, and how to be a leader. The reason they take those classes is because the students aren’t just learning as a hobby. They are learning how to improve their lives, and many of them aspire to start their own businesses.We are proud to be able to see the students succeed after they graduate from Love Guatemala. 

Please continue to pray for our students as they learn new techniques in their classes and as they learn from their devotionals! Stay tuned to our Social Media pages to continue to see what the students are creating!