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Our Cooking School Stars

We are so excited to be able to highlight cooking school this month! They are a special group of students and we love being able to see them shine in what they love to do! Our goal for this month is to get five students sponsored. We love being able to connect students to sponsors. It is so cool to see how they get to know each other through letters and photos. If you are interested in sponsoring a student, these are some of the students that we are hoping to get sponsored! 

Hilda Esperanza Perez Salami is a dedicated student who loves to bake. Her dream is to become a professional baker and she is pushing herself to study hard to make her children and husband proud!

Jessica Isabel Acajabon Hernandez is so excited for the opportunity to be able to study in the cooking school. A few years ago, her brother got sick so she was not able to continue in her studies. Now her parents have given her the chance to start back up again and she is thrilled. She loves to cook and loves to learn!

Andy Alan Serech Cumes loves being able to be a part of the cooking school. He travels from a place about 5 hours away just so he can study in Love Guatemala! His dream is to become a professional chef and be able to help his family in the future.

Jose Pablo Cortez Matzar loves being able to learn how to cook. He is also from a town far away so he rents a room in Magdalena to be closer to school. He was very grateful to be able to find Love Guatemala and is happy to be able to learn all about cooking and baking! You can see what he has to say about studying in Love Guatemala in the video here!


Evelyn Rosario Martinez Velasquez was very happy to be able to find Love Guatemala. Her family does not have a lot of money and Love Guatemala is a lot more affordable for them. She loves cooking and baking and is hoping to have a future in that. She wants to open her own place one day and be able to give back some of what her parents have given to her.


Sponsoring a student helps them to continue doing what they love and it helps them achieve their goals and dreams. Consider sponsoring a cooking school student today!

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