Update On Cooking School Graduates Micro Loans

Update on Micro Loans
Here is a quick update on how the micro loans that we gave to the 6 ladies this year that graduated from the cooking school:
  • All the ladies hav

    e received their loans

  • They have began their businesses
  • Some have gotten out of the gate running:
    • Lidia: at the last meeting said she had one day in which she sold 200q or about $25 worth of product.
  • They are still meeting bi weekly to encourage, pray and discuss their businesses
  • Some have gotten a slower start and have had difficulties that have kept them from getting started as quickly as they wanted such as Ana has had issues with here kids health.
  • They all made up written plans on how they were going to use the money and they were reviewed and the funds were handed out.
  • They all signed loan agreements so they know exactly what is expected.

Overall things are going very well so far. We are excited to see how God uses these businesses and these ladies to make a difference in the community here. We have been emphasizing with them the importance

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of not only succeeding in having a successful business but also in honor God through their business and using it as a way to minister to the community.

Thanks to all who gave to make this loans possible!

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