Comments from Last Team Trip

Enjoy a few comments from some of the people on our last team trip from Indy Metro Church. Josh Callahan: I was deeply moved by being a part of this team from Indy Metro Church. I was touched by the gratefulness expressed by each graduate of the Love Guatemala Cooking School! I was humbled by their generosity and hospitality to me and the team. I am excited for these ladies and their future endeavors made possible by their perseverance, support of loving people, and God’s grace. I saw kids being mentored in the Art School and shown the love of Christ, families being encouraged, and a community being impacted in a positive way by this ministry. I saw young men being taught a valuable trade of the Carpentry School while being influenced with the Gospel of Jesus. I left Indianapolis thinking that I was going to be the one to encourage the people of Magdalena, Guatemala. Rather, they encouraged me. So moved by this ministry and all those who support it! Excited to continue being involved and seeing how God moves in big ways in Magdalena, Guatemala! Love Guatemala! Amy Meister: One thing I had been thinking about and then was really brought to life when we had a small business meeting with the cooking school graduates was the way the ladies made use of their time. I realize there was a lot of necessity to how they

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do this, but it made me realize that though I am constantly busy, I realize that not everything I am busy with should be prioritized as I make it. I now want to be more focused on what can matter for his glory and what has more external value. Gavin Myers [One of the most important things I took from this trip was] how important it is that we stretch ourselves to be that hands and feet of Christ in that without our efforts his work is slowed. When we start hauling the work load the impact is wonderful and just as vast as our minds can comprehend. Angie Myers I realized how much they focus on relationships down there and how we need to learn to do that more here, we tend to be more independent and do it yourselves and that's where we as American Christians can run into trouble. It's ok to ask for help and to rely on others – that is what the Church body is there for. They would not function down there if it was not for the faith and trust that Carlos and Thelma and Antoineta and Jose and now the Kunkels have for the future of Magdalena! If you are interested in going on our next team trip early next year and having your life impacted as this team did, please contact Jeremy Moss at