Meet Ana and Her Family

We had a chance to visit with a family today who has been apart of the cooking school since the start.  She started with the original group over two years ago.  We have been there several times and she has been to our house, but today it felt is if I was able to connect, especially with the kids.  It was fun playing with the kids and praying with them.

This is her son Henry…

Please continue to pray for Ana and her kids.  Especially her son Kevin how has many health issues.  She has many challenges in life but continues to work hard to take care of her four kids and work to grow her business.  Ana was one of the graduates from the cooking school and she has her own business selling cakes at a cafe.  She also received in which she was able to use to buy a refrigerator to help further her business.

Here are a few more pictures of the family:



Thanks to all who have given to support her and others like here in Guatemala.  Your sacrifices truly make a difference!