The Search for a Cooking School Teacher.

Since last year, we had been on the lookout for a cooking school teacher since last year. We knew that the cooking school would be reopening this year, but we hadn’t hired a teacher yet. 

It was a challenge though, because this had to be a special kind of teacher. We interviewed a lot of people who can cook. They had a long list of experience and had worked in very impressive places. The thing that made it difficult, was that experience in the kitchen doesn’t always equal teaching ability. 

A couple weeks ago, we found two possible candidates and they did a competition to test their cooking and teaching abilities. They were both great cooks, but we decided to keep looking. 

This past week, we found someone else who was a possibility for the job, but we had to test to see how he would do. 

We were very pleased with his skills as a teacher and a chef and we decided to make him our new cooking school teacher! Join us in welcoming our newest staff member, Cesar Salay!