Community Service with Bachillerato

On Saturday, our bachillerato students did their community service project. Each class is working to help the surrounding communities, and to share the gospel with them. The Bachillerato students decided to do their project in a town called el Tablón. 

While the students were there, they served snacks to all the children, brought piñata’s for them, and shared about Jesus. It was such a beautiful time, and we are so content that the students had the opportunity to serve others.

We are so excited for all of the projects that will be going on throughout the year. They are not just a way to serve the community but also a way to continue to share the Gospel with our students. As they share with others, they are learning more themselves. We know that God is going to use each one of these projects in the areas surrounding Love Guatemala, but even more so, in the hearts of our students!