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  • Upcoming Gala Night

    We are so excited for the upcoming Gala Night this year! Each year, the Gala Night not only helps raise money for the ministry, but also brings more potential students into Love Guatemala.  This year with our students and guests, we have almost 600 people coming to the event! What a blessing to not only […]

  • Community Service with Bachillerato

    On Saturday, our bachillerato students did their community service project. Each class is working to help the surrounding communities, and to share the gospel with them. The Bachillerato students decided to do their project in a town called el Tablón.  While the students were there, they served snacks to all the children, brought piñata’s for […]

  • The Search for a Cooking School Teacher.

    Since last year, we had been on the lookout for a cooking school teacher since last year. We knew that the cooking school would be reopening this year, but we hadn’t hired a teacher yet.  It was a challenge though, because this had to be a special kind of teacher. We interviewed a lot of […]

  • Speech Therapy

    This past week we started our speech therapy classes at Love Guatemala. We are so excited about this program because we are already seeing just how much it is impacting the community. Speech therapy is something that so many children in our community and the surrounding communities are in need of but very few are […]

  • Beginning Classes

    This past week we began classes at Love Guatemala! On Friday we began with the weekday classes and on Saturday with the weekend classes. This included kids who will be a part of our new speech therapy program. We are so thrilled for 2023! Both days started with a devotional and presentation of things that […]

  • Moving Towards the End of Another Year

    As the year starts to come to an end, we are thankful for all the classes and programs that we have, and all that we are looking forward to next year. This year, we have a goal to help us move strongly into the year 2023 our goal is to raise $25,000 And it will […]

  • Finishing Up Classes

    Recently, our students finished out classes for the year! We are very proud of all of the students who persevered even when classes were difficult and challenging. As you may know, the school year in Guatemala is a little bit different than the school year in the United States. Classes here begin in January and […]

  • New Year, New Opportunity

    We started our classes 3 weeks ago and we have enjoyed having the students back. We have a few new changes for this year with our staff and programs we are offering. One new exciting thing we have done is open a weekend option for our carpentry school. So now men who work during the […]