Stories that Inspire #1

All of us enjoy stories that inspire us. This is one such story…

Meet Irma. She is a student in our middle school program. Here in Guatemala middle school is called “Basicos.” This lady had a desire to go back to school to finish her education since she, like many ladies her age on finished elementary school. Many young ladies and girls are expected to take care of other siblings and not given the change to continue their education much past elementary. Some can’t not even finish elementary school and do not even know how to read and write. She was able to finish her elementary education in her 30s and now she is continuing her middle school with a desire to finish high school and even college and become an English Teacher!

Irma is a single mom with a lot of responsibilities but she was excited about bringing her first homework assignments and what she had already accomplished in her first weeks of study. Please pray for Irma and many other students like here in our programs, in Guatemala and all over the world that desire to study but can not. And be grateful for the opportunities you have had to study.

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