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School Changes for Love Guatemala in 2021

One thing that the last year has taught us all is that we need to learn to adjust and shift to be able to continue and improve in a different time. Covid has brought challenges and changes for all of us. Last year we shifted all our schools to virtual and the majority of our students finished well.

This year we are not yet allowed to have in person classes with most schools. So we did not have the response in our enrollment in our vocational schools to be able to continue this year with the vocational schools. It is challenging to learn cooking virtually if you do not have an oven or carpentry if you do not have any equipment. So we have made the difficult decision to suspend the art, cooking and carpentry schools for the 2021 school year. (The school year here runs from January to November.) But our plans are to continue these schools next year.

Though our school is changing this year, we are thrilled to announce we have nearly 160 students enrolled in our primary, middle and English Schools! God is really blessing these programs as we provide gap education for youth and adults in Magdalena and the surrounding communities. Please pray for our teachers and staff as they teach and serve virtually over the coming months. Also please consider sponsoring one of these growing school programs by clicking here. We need many more sponsors to help these schools be fully supported.

Here are a few pictures of what schools will look like this year:



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