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Many of you know about the process we have been in for almost a year now to purchase a piece of property right next to where we are located.  We talked about it a lot last year and raised the funds necessary to purchase thanks to some generous gifts from some of you.

Some of you are as well familiar with the challenges of doing anything here in Guatemala.  We went back to the owner of the property after raising the funds and then he told us he wasn’t interested in selling.  So now what??  We began to pray and look at other options. After much prayer and going back and forth with the owner we finally got him to agree to sell us the property.  Yea!

Then came the waiting game with the government.  We had to get all this approved through an agency here with the Guatemalan government.  Did I mention nothing happens fast here? It didn’t help that this was at the end of last year and they took off for the holidays and then the president and government changed in January.

Finally after months and months of waiting this past Monday morning we were able to sign the deed and finalize the purchase!  God is good!  We are rejoicing in this big step for Love Guatemala.  Will you take a minute to thank God with us for this provision?

So what’s next?

Our goal is to dig a well first to meet the water needs of the current facility and then build a multi-purpose facility for large gatherings we have such as our graduation, student and parent meetings and a future church and many other things. Our current multi-purpose area is not large enough at times. It will also double as a space we can use for sports activities with our students and the community.  It will also free up more space in the current facility for future vocational schools as we transform our current multi-purpose area into classrooms.  The last thing we would like to use the new space for is a mission house.  This will also free up more space in the current facility for other programs and initiatives.  Most of all we know that God will use this space to transform lives and give hope. Stay tuned for more information on all of this.

What can you do?

Our first priority right now is our operational budget.  We are still $20,000 short for 2016 for our operational budget so we need to cover this gap before we can move forward too much with this new project.

So would you consider giving to help cover this gap?  You can click here to give or mail a check to: Love Guatemala 401 E Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN 46204.  Thanks for your generosity!

Will you also pray with us?

  • Pray and thank God for this property.
  • Pray and ask God to continue to transform lives.
  • Pray and ask God for the financial gap in our current budget.
  • Pray and ask God for the financial need for this new project.

Thanks for praying and helping us give hope!

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