Love Guatemala Expansion Project


As we announced here we have purchased a piece of property right next store to the current Love Guatemala facility.  Earlier this week we were received the deed for the property and permission to move forward with this project.

Our plan for this piece of land is to first dig a well to have sufficient water for our current facility and future facilities. Then as God provides we our going to construct a multi-purpose facility.  This facility will serve many functions.  The main function will be for larger gathering that we have for things such as graduations, parent meetings and all student meetings.  It will also be used as an area where the kids can play sports and have sporting activities.

The next phase of the project will be to a build a missions house on the property as well.  You can check out the tentative plans we have so far here.

So yesterday we were able to start this project.  We don’t have the funding yet needed for most of this project but we have enough to get started.  So we are starting and believing that God will provide as we move forward.  Below are some pictures from the first days work and our team gathering there on the land to pray together.

Please continue to pray for this project with us.

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