Stories of some of our new Students

I am always encouraged, motivated and sometimes sad and/or happy as I hear, read and share stories.  Stories are more than just a way to tell something but behind these stories are real people, real lives and sometimes real struggles.  We try and share stories here at Love Guatemala although we don’t do it often enough.  I sometimes sit amazed at the stories of those who come and study in one of our schools or even our staff and teachers.  Everyone has a story to tell.  Sometimes people share a lot sometimes a little but a lot of times eyes tell more than we are willing to share.  So here are a few stories of those in our schools.  Take a minute and read some of them.  Pray for them and maybe consider coming alongside them in a practical way through sponsoring them as they study with us.


maria de los angeles

Maria de los Angeles Roldan

Story: My name is Maria of Los Angeles Roldan. I am 15 years old. When I was very small my mother abandoned me the first time and left me in a group home and after awhile she came for me but after a few days she abandon again in a house of a woman who is not my family. It’s hard because I do not have my mom or my dad but my dream is to study and meet my goals and grow as a person with the help you are offering. But is a bit more difficult as I have not studied and have only first grade education and I can hardly read, write and want to accomplish many things. One of them is to be a painter in the future to support the lady who gives me a place to live. Because thanks to her I have a roof over my head. I want to support her and I want to get ahead. Thanks for your love and for giving me the opportunity to belong to Love Guatemala.


Lus Marina Garcia Chacon

Luz Marina Garcia Chacon

Story: My mom died three years ago. I really needed to have her there and she is not. She wanted me to continue studying and get a college degree. One of my dreams is to learn art to bring up my family’s economic situation. I want to learn everything I can in the art. I also want to support my father and I hope that with your support I can achieve this. God Bless.

carlos eduardo

Carlos Eduardo Ixocy Par

Story: My name is Carlos Eduardo Ixcoy. I am 15 years old and I have 2 sisters. I don’t have a dad and just live with my sisters and my mom. I thank God because my mom supports me so I can realize my dream of painting. Because of lack of money I could not continue studying. It is sad but I have to study and work to bring food to my sisters and my mom. My mom has a job but it is very little that she earns, That is why I sell firewood and work in agriculture often but yet there is little for the 4 of us. But thank God we have always been able to get ahead and I’m excited to belong to a ministry that will teach me to paint and have a better future.Thank you for everything and for giving us a great opportunity! God Bless.


Jennifer Abigail Chanta Chanta

Story: My name is Jennifer and I am 17 years old. I am married. I have only been able to finish 8th grade and I want to learn how to cook and bake. My dream is to be able to have a house for my family. My parents are very important to me. I want to continue studying to be able to realize my dreams. Thanks for your support in helping me realize my dreams.

Please pray with us for these students.  If you would like to sponsor them for $40 a month you can click on their name below their picture and it will take you to the site to sponsor them.  These sponsorships help cover the financial need for purchasing materials, paying the teachers and helping meet some of their basic needs. The programs are either 2-3 years in length.

Or you can check out the website here to read more stories of students.  Or if you would rather you can also sponsor teachers or programs here.

Thanks for giving hope and help break the cycle of poverty in this community!

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