Presenting Primaria

This month, we are highlighting our Primaria Class! This is the class that is equivalent to Elementary School in the States. It is the first of our adult education classes that we have started here at Love Guatemala.

The class is very important to the people of Magdalena and the surrounding areas because there is a large population of people who were not able to study when they were children. There are many reasons why children do not finish their education including not having money for supplies, having to work to help family, or simply not having the importance of education conveyed to them in their home.

Primaria is available to students who have passed the age of being able to study in a normal school. It gives them a sped up education to make up for all that they missed. It also allows them to be able to find better jobs when they graduate, or continue on with their next step of education, which we also offer here.

Amazingly, to be able to hold Primaria classes here, the total for the entire year is only $2,500. That is not per student or per month. For the entire year, the total funds needed is $2,500. Would you consider helping fund our Primaria Class? Any amount helps us get closer to our goal of funding an entire year. You can click on this link and help students receive an education, but more importantly, help them hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ!