Construction Update!

As you might have heard, we have been working on an expansion project here at Love Guatemala. A couple years ago the dome was completed so that we could have a large multipurpose area to host everything from large classes to events. 

During this past year, the project has been growing more. The multipurpose area has finished the first phase of closing off with doors and windows to protect from the elements, and there are now bathrooms added on. There is still work to be done though! The project is nearing its final stages which will include finishing the offices that are being added on, finishing the kitchen, and adding another classroom outside. 

You can help us reach our goal of completing the construction project by donating! We are still in need of $13,000 to finish up the project and be able to have full use of the space. If you would like to give a gift to help us reach the goal, you can click here and mark the donation as “Construction Project”! You can also hear more about the details of the project by clicking on the video below!