Independence Day Celebration

This past week, we were able to start back up an activity that we haven’t been able to do for a few years. The September 15 celebration is always a favorite on our staff and students. We are able to celebrate the rich culture around all the different parts of Guatemala.

The Independence Day celebration includes many presentations. Each class sets up a different display from a different area of Guatemala. All the displays were very well thought out, planned for, and beautifully set up. They represented everything about the culture and the area they had been given. There is information about the food, the clothing worn, the languages spoken, what the area is known for, and more. All the displays were judged to see who would have the best one. After a lot of debating, Básicos won the best display!

Another part of the celebration, was competing to be the “queen” of Love Guatemala. A girl from each class represented a region of Guatemala. They presented traditional clothing, traditional dances, And gave a presentation about the different representations of each. They all did a wonderful job, and in the end the student from Basicos won the title!

Lastly, we were able to witness wonderful traditional dance presentations from each of our classes. They each had to research and rehearse to make the dances authentic. It took a lot of work and dedication and we are very proud of each of our students. Amazingly enough, the award for best dance presentation also went to Básicos. We are very excited for Miss Loren‘s class as they won awards in each category.

We are overjoyed to be able to start this celebration once again. It brings joy to our staff and students and allows us all to work together. We are looking forward to many years to come celebrating Guatemala‘s independence!

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