Online Exams

This week our Bachillerato students had a special online exam. All of our classes are backed by the Ministry of Education. This means that when our students graduate they are able to continue on their education past Love Guatemala. That being said, there are, of course, special requirements that need to be met for the students to graduate.

The graduating Bachillerato students were able to meet one of those requirements this week. They each took their online exam to show that they have been learning all that they need to continue on with their education. We are confident in each and every one of their abilities to pass the exam with flying colors. Our teachers do a wonderful job making sure that they are each prepared for whatever they decide to do after graduation.

As always, we ask that you join us and praying for our students that they would not only learn and understand the educational material that they’re learning, but also that God would work in each of their hearts.