Cooking Class Exams

This week our cooking students had their exams! Half of our cooking class presented their exams based on the culture of Zacapa and Magdalena. They began their cooking at 1 and had to finish their plates by 4. Afterwards, they were given one hour to plate their food and decorate their workstation. 

We had the honor of having two chefs come in to rate our students plates. They were also able to evaluate how the students worked in teams during their cooking. 

The students were graded on several different areas. They could be rated in organization, dedication, flavor, color of their plates, teamwork, cleanliness, decoration and presentation. 

The objective is that each student develops fully including physically, mentally, and spiritually. During their exams, the students are evaluated taking into account their strengths and weaknesses to better understand how to help them grow in the future. 

We are proud, as usual, of our students and our teacher during these exam times! We can’t wait to continue to see all that the cooking school will continue to accomplish throughout the year!