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October 2016 Update

From October 1-4 Love Guatemala had the pleasure of hosting a medical team from Jacksonville, FL. At the school we held a 3-day medical clinic for children and pregnant mothers for locals in the surrounding community. We were able to supply medicine and provide various medical supplies to those in need. In addition we dropped by the homes of various individuals in the community to have a better understand each families situations and pray for their specific needs. The team also had the opportunity to visited a local orphanage and assist with the weekly feeding center for the children here in the Love Guatemala community. Here is a recap video of what the medical team accomplished. We at Love Guatemala are grateful for their support and help

On October 19 will have 32 students from the Art, Carpentry and Culinary school graduating from Love Guatemala. The majority of these students were able to go to school because of sponsors who make monthly donations. The impact sponsors create on the lives of individuals is tremendous. As missionaries, we want to be able to not only help individuals but also teach them to be independent. Here is a letter of a graduating student from the Carpentry school giving thanks to his sponsor in the USA.


Many of us in North America are blessed to have the things we have such a free education. Such things we take for granted and don’t realize that there are many out there who are eager for such opportunities. Since thanksgiving is around the corner, reflect on what things you are thankful. What has God blessed you with? Consider that we have a lot and many others don’t. God works through people and perhaps he is calling you today to be a light in the lives of others.

Because of donations and sponsorships, lives are changed. Sponsoring a child or family through Love Guatemala is an excellent way to perform an act of justice and make a difference in someone’s life by rescuing them from a life of poverty and despair. Sponsorship ensures that children and families in Guatemala we work with will get a vocational education, healthy food, love, and opportunities to hear about the love of Christ. To see a list of students who are in need of sponsorship click here

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