New Programs and Schools for 2015 & 2016

We are continuing to expand and help more students each year with different programs and initiatives to support our current schools and also new schools.  You can read about some of the recent initiatives that have already begun here.    We are excited that we have had some funding come in for the feeding center although there is still some needs for the ongoing monthly funding.  You can see the other initiatives below.

As you can see our vision is to continue to offer opportunities for our students to learn a vocation to help them provide for themselves and their families while sharing how Jesus can change their lives.

Vision: Love Guatemala exists to give hope through sharing the gospel of Jesus and through vocational training to help break the cycle of poverty in the community of Magdalena, Guatemala and beyond.

Plan for 2015/2016:

Our goal is to continue to expand the vocational schools that we offer with excellence.  God has given us a ten thousand square foot facility and we want to use it to the glory of God to help as many people as possible.

Here are the programs and schools that we believe God is calling us to start over the next few years.


Summer of 2015:

  • Feeding Center – Guatemala is one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to malnutrition. We want to start a feeding program to address this problem.
  • Costs: $3,000 start up costs and $1,200 per month to feed 50 kids 3 times per week.
  • Computer Lab – This will provide a place for our students to come and do their homework in a safe environment.
  • Costs: $6,500 start up costs to purchase computers and $100 monthly costs for internet.



  • Beauty School – This is a growing industry here and there are not many beauticians and there is much interest in this area of study.
  • Costs – $2,000 in start up costs and $500 in monthly costs for materials and teacher pay.


  • Sewing School – This is another needed area of study.
  • Costs – $2,500 in start up costs and $500 in monthly costs for materials and teacher pay.

Thanks for praying and support Love Guatemala!  We are excited about all God has in store for us this year and the coming years! Give Hope!

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