Praying for Land.




God continues to do amazing things with Love Guatemala.  One of the needs that has presented itself as we have moved into the new facility and began to grow is the need for a sufficient water source.

In Guatemala we have a rainy and dry season.  The rainy season runs from May to October roughly.  Last rainy season was fairly dry and it has caused a shortage of water this year. Even without the dryer rainy season, sufficient water is always a challenge.

We have also continued to grow by starting new programs and initiatives that you can read about here.  We plan on starting a few more programs this year and next year as well. In the facility we currently we have the space to house teams as well as the Kunkel family .

With all of these current schools and the programs planned for the near future we are going to need some more space within the next few years.  The first step for this is to purchase some more land. (See pictures above)

This will serve a few different purposes.  First, it will provide the space needed to dig a well.  The current land where we are located does not have enough space to do so.  A well will provide a sufficient water supply for our growing vocational training center.

Second, it will provide more space for activities with the students.  Thirdly it will provide space in the future to build a missionary house and team house.  These will open up more space in the current facility for more vocational schools.

The cost of the land is $30,000.  It is approximately the same size as the current piece of land we have and is located right next to our current property.  We have some anonymous partners who have offered a $15,000 matching gift towards this project.  So every dollar that comes in towards this will be matched dollar for dollar!  We are very excited for this opportunity.
We are asking many to come alongside us in prayer for this other $15,000.  Will you commit to praying with us for this?  We are asking God to provide the rest of these funds during the month of May. Thanks for praying and believing God for big things!