Moving Towards the End of Another Year

As the year starts to come to an end, we are thankful for all the classes and programs that we have, and all that we are looking forward to next year. This year, we have a goal to help us move strongly into the year 2023 our goal is to raise $25,000 And it will go towards helping several programs here at Love Guatemala.

The first program that we have been raising money for has been the Feeding Center. The Feeding Center is a program that not only helps the children that come but also their families. This next year, we will be returning to two times a week, where the kids can come and receive a lunch, hear a Bible story, and bring home food to their family. We are very much looking forward to next year and all that it will hold for the Feeding Center.

The second program that we are focusing on, is Bachillerato. This class has been a wonderful addition to our adult education classes. It is our newest of those classes, but just as important as the others! As you may know, our adult education classes are for students that were not able to complete their education when they were younger. These classes are wonderful because they give the students an opportunity to receive education and have a better future.

Of course, all the programs and classes at Love Guatemala are centered around sharing the Gospel. We know that every chance that we are able to see a someone at Love Guatemala is a chance to share with them about Jesus. We are very grateful for those opportunities that God gives us!

You can donate today and help us at Love Guatemala, share the Gospel, provide an education, and serve others! Click on this link to help us reach our end of the year goal!

And stay tuned to hear the other two new programs that we will be focusing on this December, and beginning in January!