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One of the ways we have excelled in 2015 here at Love Guatemala is through beginning some leadership training.  This has helped us develop as leaders and a staff here as we lead our students to be all they can be.  We utilized John Maxwell’s Equip material through an organization here in Guatemala called “Guatemala Prospera.”

Check out as Carlos Lopez our Director describes the change that this training has brought about for Love Guatemala:

Early this year we began a Leadership Development project.  It has been difficult, however we have been learning every day. We have had moments in which we had to pause and think about those things that are really important for us, our friends, our future and our students.

The vision is that we could prepare ourselves so that every student can reach their potential.  We desire that Love Guatemala develops leaders in every area of society, leaders that influence positively in their work and lives so that we can accomplish substantial change with the students in this community.

Our desire is to train leaders that can in turn develop our student and that they can take the initiative to reach their potential. We believe that this is possible if each one of us understand that we begin with ourselves.  That is where the transformation becomes a reality because the transformation is always in ourselves.  This was one of the biggest challenges for us here for the Love Guatemala team.  Because to teach we have to learn and that is why we studied 15 personal values and 15 laws of growth.

The personal growth and transformation is not always easy and requires time and effort.  But it is one of the most gratifying things in life.  I can now observe changes in our staff.  Changes that have been benefits of our personal development and of the ministry.  We are aware that to change our community we need to be the change we want to see and begin to be better people.  And this is the area in which we have been growing and doing better.

I am grateful to God for the friends that he sent our way with the same vision to train our staff because it has been a big help for us and our personal development.  Guatemala Prospera has been a great ally to help us develop.  We are fortunate to have found excellent ally like John Maxwell’s Transformational Leadership Training.

I am very grateful with God for allowing me to learn thee 30 weeks and to put what I have learned into practice.  I am grateful for the decision our staff took to accept the challenge to go through this training to make them better. This has resulted in the teachers and staff becoming transformational leaders in their classrooms.

This was the first leadership training of many that the staff of Love Guatemala will have.

Thanks and God Bless!

You can check out more pictures of some of the trainings here.

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