A Life Changed…

Love Guatemala exists to bring hope through sharing the gospel and through vocational training.  We often see this happening.  We see those without hope receiving hope.  We see those who thought they could never have their own business become successful in selling cakes, painting beautiful art and making incredible furniture.  We don’t often enough share these stories.  So here is one of these stories of a life changed.  This is Teresa Lillian.

Teresa’s Graduation Cake


Lillian just graduated from the Cooking School last month.  She did an excellent job in the cooking school.  She learned a lot and began putting into practice what she learned.  She has built a fairly successful business by taking what she has learned here a the Love Guatemala Cooking School and putting it into practice.  We are so proud of her.  She is now able to help support her family.  She has renewed hope through the vocational training she received and through the message of hope that the gospel offers.

Thanks for your support of Love Guatemala to make success stories like this possible!



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