One of the new things that our students that will be graduating in October are doing this year is what they call here “practicas”. This is part of the requirements of the ministry of education since we are now enrolled with the ministry of education here in Guatemala.

This is a month long internship where they go and practice what they have been learning for the last 2 or 3 years.  Some of them are working in schools teaching English or Art, some working in Carpentry Shops, some working in call centers.  Lots of different areas using what they have learned and becoming better in their area.

We are excited about this new opportunity for our graduates even though some of them were not so excited about it 😉  We know this will provide valuable experience for them as well as hopefully become more than just an internship but potentially full time work for some of them.

Our graduates are also receiving leadership training and business training this year.  We try to give our students everything they need to help them succeed both in the business world and in life!

We will have 30 graduates this year (if they all pass their practicas and final exams)!  This is the first year we will graduate English students.  We are excited for what the future holds for these students!  Check out some pictures of some beautiful work of some of our students below.

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