Leadership and Spiritual Growth

We recently started a wonderful leadership training classes with material from John Maxwell. We are overjoyed to see how it affects the teachers  in their personal growth. With each new class and program, we know that the teachers are becoming better equipped to not only teach their students, but also be great leaders in their daily lives. 

  There are also two teachers who are receiving training from the ministry of education. They are receiving classes on entrepreneurship. These spaces were given to institutions that show leadership within their educational centers. It has been incredible to watch Love Guatemala transform from a small school with only a few students, to a school that is recognized for its teaching and leadership. God has been so good to help us continue to grow and improve.

 In addition to preparing the teachers in leadership, most importantly we also continue encouraging spiritual growth of teachers by praying personally with each of them. We want to be able to support them in their walk with the Lord and help them to be ever growing that relationship.

Please pray with us for each of our teachers that they would continue to grow as leaders and in their relationship with God.

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