Rosa’s Story

Something that we always feel so blessed by is working with the kids from the feeding center. It is such a privilege for us to be able to see them and be a part of their lives. Here is a story from one of our kids, sweet Rosa, that has been coming to the feeding center for a while now:

“My name is Rosa Floridalma. I was born April 15, 2010. My mom tells me that I only weighed 4 pounds when I was born. I had a lot of problems because I didn’t grow and had a very difficult time gaining weight. The whole thing was very hard on my parents. There was talk of taking me away from my parents because they said I was very malnourished. Thankfully though, they instead decided to help my family to find ways to help me grow.

I have two siblings. I am the oldest and I am very happy to be part of the feeding center. I have been coming to the feeding center for 5 years. I love to play with the other kids there and I think I am a happy child.

The pandemic has affected the economy a lot. My dad was left without a job and everything costs more now. But God has been helping. We are grateful for the people that have been sending us bags of food. It is a big blessing”.

We know it has been very difficult for a lot of people in Guatemala and we are grateful to be able to help the families of the children from the feeding center.

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