From Primary to Middle School

Something that we have loved about our Basicos program(or middle school) is that we now have a place for our students from our primary school to continue on to afterwards. Before having Basicos available to our students, we had to have the students look at other schools to continue on with their education. Now, offering both classes not only gives us the opportunity to help the students with more education, but it also gives us even more time to speak into their lives and share the Gospel with them. 

It is an exciting time to be able to see students who are anxious to continue with education, and be able to help them with that opportunity. Such is true for one of our Primary students, Carlos. This is part of his story:

Carlos has always loved to learn and has always had dreams to be able to visit and work internationally. He was not able to continue studying when he was younger, though, because his mother passed away. He had to begin working at a young age to be able to save up money. Now, with the help of Love Guatemala, he is able to study his Primary classes. Afterwards he hopes to continue on with his education to Basicos (Middle School) and someday college. His dream is to be able to be an architect. He has been working hard and is confident that he will be able to achieve his goals.

You can help students like Carlos by sponsoring one of our schools! Education is a key part of these students futures and you can help them to achieve their goal! Just click here and you can sponsor a school like the Primary School or Middle School!

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