Home Visit

One of the regular things we do here as part of our ministry is home visits.  We have a young man visiting here from the United States and he did a visit with Patty who helps out with our sponsorship program and this was his take on a recent home visit with Melvin and Wilder in our Carpentry and Art Schools.


Today I was fortunate enough to accompany Patty, one of the teachers in Love Guatemala’s art school, on a trip to visit two student’s of the organization. We were dropping by to see how they were doing, and to ask some questions about their lives and their time in Love Guatemala’s program.

The two young men are brothers; Melvin is nearing the end of his final year in the carpentry school, and Wilder is doing likewise in the art school. They welcomed us into their home, and Patty and I were able to enjoy a fun time getting to know these student’s a little better.

Melvin is the elder brother and 19 years old. He began by sharing with us about how for the end of the school year he had a big final project, and that he was planning on building a large piece of furniture. Melvin shared that he has learned a lot in the carpentry school, and that he can make furniture now, when before he would have been able to do no such thing. He wishes to continue the trade and to gain more experience as a carpenter once he has graduated from Love Guatemala’s program. He also told Patty and I about how in the school he had learned many things about God, and now felt that he really knew how to read his Bible.

I asked him what he thought of the carpentry school’s teacher, who I have been able to work with, and who I greatly admire. Melvin responded by saying that he liked Pedro, and that he is always very patient with the students. Melvin asked us to pray for his sick grandmother, and he wishes to show his appreciation for those who support him.

Wilder is 18, and one of the best student’s in the Love Guatemala’s Art School. Patty informed me about how the other art teacher that has Wilder in class is always telling her good things about him. I’ve seen some of his work in the art school, and the level of detail is very impressive, especially when I think about the time the class let me take a crack at a painting they were working on. I’m sure they fixed my smudge-work as soon as I left, and it makes me wonder at how Wilder gets some of his paintings so clear and concise.

Wilder shared with Patty and I about how the art school has taught him a lot of new things that he has been able to put into his work. More interesting though, were the changes in his life that he explained to us that the art school had helped bring about. Before the school, Wilder says that he was a very timid person, but now he feels more comfortable and confident with his personality. He shared with us that he now believes in God, and knows the love that He has for him. Wilder asked us to pray for him to continue to become a better person. He shared that like his brother, he is working on his final project of the year, and that he is very proud of what he has produced so far. He says he never would have thought that he could have made something like that. Wilder told us that he wanted to thank his sponsors because he had a lot of fun this year, and learned a lot because of them.

I had a great time getting to know these two a little better and spending some time with them. Wilder and Melvin shared with us how tomorrow their other school has a concert, and with a little prompting from Patty and I, they whipped out the instruments and gave us a little show.  Throughout the visit I was yet again impressed with Guatemalan hospitality, and was grateful that these two Love Guatemala students opened up their home for Patty and I.

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