Love Guatemala Graduation 2014

We are so excited to have 22 students graduation this year from our 3 trade schools!  They have worked very hard to achieve this accomplishment.  For many of them it is the first time they have been able to graduate from any school.  Here is a list of those who will be graduating:

  • Art School
    • Andy Mendez
    • Marvin Argelio
    • Oscar Mixtun
    • Steven Lennin Lopez
    • Wilder Aldolfo
    • Brayan Ramos Herandez
    • Wilmer Lopez
  • Carpentry School
    • Melvin Lopez
    • Wilson Tomas Azanon
    • Edwin Hernandez
    • Cristian Xiloj
    • Bryan Martinez
    • Marlon Hernandez
    • Erick Alexander Aragon
    • Pablo Juares
    • Cristian Ariel
  • Cooking School
    • Araceli Ixpata
    • Beygi Lopez
    • Flory Lopez
    • Michele Mixtun
    • Mirna Martinez
    • Marta Julia Torres

Please pray for them as they put into practice what they have learned to help support their families or help further their studies.  Pray that they will continue to succeed at whatever is next for them and that they will continue walk with and follow Jesus.

Will you also consider helping them through helping throw them a big celebration and providing gifts for them?  If you are interested in helping this you can go here and click on the link under Love Guatemala General Support and mark it with “Graduation”.  Thanks for helping us love these students!

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