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God’s Blessings in this Difficult Time

The numbers have continued to rise here in Guatemala as the virus spreads to different towns across the country. As that happens, the president continues to make the rules more and more strict. This weekend he ordered almost a 24 hour home quarantine. People are only allowed to leave their homes from 8-11 AM and only for essential things. They also are not allowed to leave in vehicles and are required to wear their mask. It can feel like a scary time, but we do not need to fear because God is also doing big things in the midst of all of this.

One thing is that we are so excited to announce that the Matching Gift Campaign raised over $24,000 for Love Guatemala! We feel so blessed to be able to receive funds that help Love Guatemala continue to work with students, work with members of the community, spread the Gospel, and change lives.

Another thing that is a huge blessing is the fact that the number of people that watch the live broadcasts of the students and staff devotionals and the church services is continuing to grow. We see people who may not normally attend taking time to watch the services and we know that through that, God is changing lives.

Our students are also constantly amazing us with how well they are doing. The teachers are continuing to work with them and they are doing a great job with all their work. Even though the transition back to the classroom (whenever that may be) may be challenging, we are confident our students will jump back in and thrive!

We are grateful for your continued prayers in this time! 

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