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Working Hard and Moving Forward

With ever changing circumstances, we are so proud of the way our teachers, staff, and students are doing with classes from home. Each day, as we receive updates we are amazed at the motivation we see from everyone. Many students have sent in videos and photos to show what they have been working on. We get everything from paintings, to woodworking projects, to decorated cakes. We enjoy seeing their perseverance during this time of unknowns.

  Love Guatemala is also doing their best to help the community in this season of crisis. The ministry has partnered with another local ministry run by Chris Steed to provide relief to the families that have been left with nothing. With many work opportunities being shut down, many people have been left without a way to provide for their families. Every two weeks, food is bought to be put in bags and help the people who need it. You can check it out here!

Another exciting thing is the Matching Gift Opportunity! This means that every dollar you give, it will be matched. Each donation doubles the impact for the ministry! This is the second week, and there is still more to be raised to reach the goal of $16,000. With that money, the students will continue receiving classes, kids will continue to be fed in the feeding center, and the community will continue to hear the good news about Jesus! You can help reach the goal by donating here!

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