September is Basicos Month!

September is Basicos month! The Basicos program has been such a wonderful addition to our classes in Love Guatemala. It began just months before the pandemic started so the first year went quite different than we had planned, but we are grateful for how well it has been going. We currently have 68 students, all eager to learn and grow as students. 

Basicos classes is equivalent to junior high and the first couple of years of high school in the United states and are normally attended from ages 13-16. Some students though, are not able to finish those classes in that age window. That makes it difficult later on when they are looking for jobs. Offering Basicos classes to adults who were not able to complete them before, gives them new opportunities to have better jobs or even go on to college if they wish to do so.

This month we have a goal of an additional 5 sponsors who are willing to sponsor $40 a month. Sponsoring the Basicos class will help the students have new opportunities for their future and most importantly will help them hear the Gospel! If you would like to help us reach that goal, you can click here! You can make the difference in our students lives!

*One of our teachers, Leyli, teaching an online class.

* The student from Basicos chosen as “distinguished student”.