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Final Exams

This week we have final exams! We are about to finish our school year and the students are making their final projects with their own creativity. It is very exciting for us to see the work of the students in all the different classes.

This year has been a great blessing to everyone in Love Guatemala. There is no doubt that God has always been present. The students have learned a lot; we can see it in their work. Each of them has their unique skills and talents.

This year we could see changes in the students and it was evident in a devotional we had a few months ago.  Each class presented its devotional about the book of Colossians. During the devotional, some of the students gave their own lives as testimony and example. Seeing the students in front talking about the word of God and saying what God does for each of them is something that fills us with joy and emotion. We are so happy to be able to see how the students started off the year and now to the last week. The change is amazing and we are so grateful. Glory be to God!



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