Graduation 2019

On Friday we had our annual graduation ceremony! All of the staff worked extremely hard to set up all of the decorations and stage. Unfortunately the rain did not hold off for long. Just as the band started to play, there was a downpour and the main tent had holes that were not previously noticed. But, God is good, because all of the graduating students were able to walk in the ceremony with their loved ones before the rain had started. They each got their photo taken walking in and will forever remember that beautiful moment with their loved ones. 

The rest of the ceremony was held inside the Love Guatemala building. Although not exactly the plan, the remainder of the graduation was still beautiful. The students were able to be surrounded by their projects and artwork as their name was called to receive their diploma, handed to them by the family member that accompanied them. Although the rain wasn’t in our plan, God had it all worked out and it turned into a beautiful ceremony that the students, family members, and staff will never forget.

Thank you to the people that  helped make this graduation ceremony possible! 

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