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Life Change: A New Julio

Those of you who have been to Love Guatemala probably recognize this young man Julio. He has been around for several years. This year has been especially special as Julio gave his life to Jesus and got baptized. He will also be finishing his elementary school and moving on to middle school. Listen as he tells a little bit of his story below in his own words. Thanks for helping change lives like that of Julio!

I want to tell you that I accepted Jesus Christ in my life. Now I know that thanks to Jesus Christ I am the person I am now. I participate in the church and it fills me with much joy.In school, thanks to God, I am going to finish my elementary school. Now I am very happy because I already have a phone that a friend from Colombia gave it to me. I am also excited because thank God I already have my new tooth. I have been without my front tooth for a long time, because I fell and broke it years ago. Being without the tooth has been very difficult for me because I did not like to laugh, but thank God in Love Guatemala they took me to a dentist and they gave me the treatment to have a new tooth. I am very happy! Thank you very much.”

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