Feeding Center 2023

The feeding center, since it was opened, has always been a beautiful part of the Love Guatemala ministry. In Guatemala, malnutrition is a large problem. It is a especially a problem in Magdalena and the surrounding towns. 

The feeding center was created for a couple reasons. One being to ease the burden of families who have a hard time providing enough food for their children every day. The feeding center is now open two days a week; Tuesday and Thursday. It provides lunches to all of the children that attend as well as to their moms that come with them. 

The other reason is to share the love of Christ with all who attend. The children are able to hear a Bible story and pray together each time they come to Love Guatemala. 

We now have 35 children coming every week to the feeding center. We feel so blessed to be able to fill their stomachs with food and their hearts with the word of God!