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We have started construction on the ground! God is Great and Powerful. God hears our prayers. He has allowed the economic provision for the first part of the project that will be a great blessing for the students, staff and the whole family of Love Guatemala. We are very excited and happy because our school is growing for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The students are watching the construction and they already are imagining  different things there. Thank God there are a lot of emotions and everyone is very happy.

A couple weeks ago we had our devotional in the area of ​​construction. We prayed and it was a great blessing to start the construction project in the name of God. Please continue to pray for Love Guatemala as the construction continues!

The first part of the project is to enclose the property and provide more parking and a small area for the students to enjoy recreation. We hope to finish this first phase in the next few months. The second phase will be to build a multi-purpose facility for sports and large events we host such as graduations, gala and other large activities. This expansion is necessary because our current multi-purpose area is not large enough anymore.

Please pray for the financial provision of all these phases!

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