Indy Metro Church

This last week we had the privilege of having a team from Indy Metro Church here. We had Pastor Ben’s brother here and he brought along 4 boys that are on the ministry basketball team. It was a very full week, with building projects, time in English class,  church service, visiting families, and more. They did such an awesome job with all the projects they worked on!

At the beginning of the trip they worked on making canvases for our art school here. They worked hard cutting all the wood for the frames, assembling them and adding the cloth to each frame. Then they painted them and had them all ready for the art school. They were able to make about 75 canvases in just a couple days!

They also worked on making bunk beds for families who are in need. They worked to cut all the pieces, sand them down, assemble them, and stain them. It was quite a bit of work for a group of 5, but the bunk beds turned out great and the two families that they visited and delivered the bunk beds to, were so grateful.

They were able to visit some of the families of the students and deliver them packages of food. Even though there was a language barrier, they had a great time being able to visit and connect with the families.

Another cool thing that the team was able to do, was go on a hike up to the “prayer mountain”. There, the team, along with some people that attend the church here, were able to sing worship songs together, listen to a short message, and have some time each alone with the Lord. 

We are very grateful for the opportunity we had to work with them for that week. It was a great blessing and we are excited for the next time we will be able to work with them again!

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